Patient Instructions

Instructions after Tooth extraction:

Apply ice on the side of your face where tooth was removed.

Do not rinse your mouth on day of surgery. 

Do not eat or drink anything "hot" on day of surgery.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 3 days.

Liquid diet only on day of surgery.  Soft diet next few days.  Eat on other side.

Bleeding is normally controlled by pressure from biting on the gauze.  Occasionally sutures may be placed.  You will be instructed to return in a week.  Some sutures do not require you to return. 

Change gauze every 15 minutes until bleeding stops or anesthetic wears off.  Tea bags soaked in water and squeezed of excess water may be used instead.  Discard used gauze safely!

Do not brush your teeth on the affected side on day of surgery.  After that you may do so gently avoiding the surgical area.

Rinse with any prescribed rinse as instructed.  You may rinse with warm salt water after every meal.  Remember, rinse shall begin from day 2.

Chlorhexidine rinse:  rinse with half oz after meals for 30 secs.  Do not eat or drink for 30 mins after rinse.

Warm salt water rinse:  1 teaspoon salt in half cup warm water.  Rinse after meals for 30-45 secs.

If you are on blood thinner as well as all other medications, resume as instructed by your doctor.

Take 2-3 tablets "Advil" or "Motrin" every 6 hrs as needed. 

If you cannot take Aspirin, Advil, Motrin you may take Tylenol ES every 6 hrs as needed. 

If you started antibiotics before the extraction continue taking until you finish all of it.

If you have any questions please call the office at (954) 475-1212. 

Instruction after bone graft

If you had tooth removed alongside with the bone grafting please refer to the instructions for tooth extraction in additional to this.

The key to successful outcome of bone grafting is keeping the surgical site "pressure free".

Pressure may be due to any of the following:





Appliances such as dentures, retainers etc.

Avoid touching the area with your finger and tongue.  Brush adjacent teeth gently without allowing direct contact to grafted site.

Your denture or other appliance will be adjusted to relieve any pressure to the area.  Leave appliance/denture out whenever possible.  If you feel your appliance is putting pressure on the grafted site please notify the office immediately.

Generally sutures will be used, which will resorb on its own in about 2 weeks.

Take the medications as prescribed.  Antibiotic is not always required.  If prescribed take the entire course.

Anti-inflammatory/Analgesic are commonly recommended.  Ibuprofen 600mg taken every 4-6 hrs for few days.

Use ice pack on the day of surgery.  This reduce swelling. 

Do not eat on the side you had surgery for 4 weeks.  

No smoking or alcohol following surgery for as long as you least for a week.  Smoking will affect outcome even if resumed after a week.

Avoid solid food the day of surgery.  Avoid (temperature) "hot" food and drink first 24 hours.  

Avoid strenuous physical activity for 2 days.  

It is important you use a "chlorhexidine" rinse for atleast 2 weeks following surgery.  This may be purchased at the office or you can obtain a prescription.  Rinse with half oz. after meals for 30-60 secs.  No food, drink or water for 30 mins after using rinse. 

If you experience unusual pain, swelling or bleeding call the office @ (954) 475-1212.

General Post Operative Instructions:

Activity:  After the procedure avoid strenuous activity for few days.

Bleeding:  It is normal to have slight bleeding from the area of surgery for a day or

               two. If you notice large clot or profuse bleeding more than light ooze, call

               the office.

Sutures:  Sutures are placed to hold the gums in proper position.  These may resorb

              by itself or you may be required to return to have it removed.  Do not 

              disturb the sutures with your tongue, finger, toothbrush or any manner. 

              By doing so healing will be impaired.

Dressing:  In some surgery the area may be covered by a putty-like dressing.  This

                is done to protect the site.  This is usually removed with the sutures in 

                about a week.  Do not disturb the dressing.  Do not eat on this side.

                If it comes off before your follow up visit and you experience no 

                discomfort, do not be concerned. 

Swelling:  Expect some swelling in the general area.  An ice pack held on your

               cheek, lip or face over the surgical site for intermittent periods (10 mins

               on and 10 mins off) during the first 24 hours reduces swelling.

               Keep in mind swelling may actually be progressive for 3 days before

               subsiding.  "Bruising" is also a common occurrence after surgery.  Do not

               be alarmed.  It will resolve in few days on its own.

Medications:  Take medications as instructed,  both prescription as well as Non

                    prescriptions medications.  Remember antibiotics need to be taken

                    until finished.  If you experience any itching, rashes, swelling and

                    other allergic signs/symptoms, discontinue and call office asap.

                    In medical emergency situation such as difficulty in breathing, call 

                    911 immediately.

Rinsing:  Avoid vigorous rinsing first 24 hours.  After that you may rinse with warm

             salt water several times a day using 1/2 tsp salt in a glass of warm water.

             You may be required to rinse with a prescription Chlorhexidine rinse.  This

             is done with 1/2 oz without water dilution after every meals.  Do not eat 

             or drink for 30 minutes after rinse.  This is done for up to 4-6 weeks.  

Oral hygiene:  Continue to floss and brush area not affected by surgery.  Do not

             disturb the surgical area or dressing if any.  After removal of sutures and

             dressing resume brushing gently.  You may be asked to use additional

             cleaning aids called "rubber tips", "softpick" or waterpik.

Eating:  Avoid extremely hot food and drinks same day to avoid more bleeding.

            Maintain adequate fluid intake.  Avoid hard food and highly seasoned food.

            Stay on soft diet and eat on the opposite side.  Suggested food include: 

            soup, mashed potatoes, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, shakes.

Smoking:  Do not smoke during the post surgical period.  It will delay wound


Alcohol:  Do not drink alcohol until sutures are removed.  After that keep it minimal

             until healing is complete.  Never mix alcohol with pain medications!!

Do Not's : Do not use commercial mouthwash, drink carbonated soda, drink with 

               straw, use waterpik unless instructed.