Benefits of Opting for Fixed Dentures

Although dentures have been serving its purpose well since it was first discovered, some people are not entirely fond of the said appliance. Over time, the prosthesis tends to change in fit and cause the patient to feel uncomfortable when performing simple things like chewing or talking. Instead of staying in the gums, the appliance may wobble or even slip; making the patient self-conscious when with other people. The usual solution for this concern is to have the dentures repaired or replaced. However, since doing so is an additional expense, not everyone finds it worth it. Unfortunately, ill-fitting dentures do not only lead to discomfort, but patients may also experience other consequences in the long run.

Fixed Dentures

Fortunately, there is a way for patients to get a more stable, durable, and long-lasting solution to tooth loss. The emergence of dental implants made it possible for patients to get a favorable second chance for their smiles. Be more confident in giving fixed dentures a go by knowing the benefits it offers! Here is a list we at Plantation Dental have prepared.

Preserves the jawbone

The teeth serve as stimulants that keep supporting structures like the bone healthy and strong. If the teeth are lost for whatever reason, the bone will begin to gradually deteriorate and lead to more issues like tooth loss in the long run. But, if lost teeth are restored by opting for dentures supported by dental implants, the state of the jawbone can be preserved. Aside from holding the prosthesis in place, implant posts cause the jawbone to grow and become stronger. All thanks to the process called osseointegration (the fusion of the titanium post and bone).

Boost in confidence

Anyone who suffers from tooth loss may have restricted themselves from smiling or even talking with other people to avoid being embarrassed. But after having their teeth restored with dental implants and dentures, they are sure to regain their lost confidence. They can smile to their heart’s content without worrying about anyone noticing something unnatural about their teeth.

Improved functions

Unlike the traditional appliance, fixed dentures do not have any restrictions. Meaning, patients can eat the foods they like without having to worry about slipping and uncomfortable device. Aside from eating anything they want, they can now even speak without lisping.

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