Facts Worth Knowing About Root Canal Treatments

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There are a lot of myths floating around regarding the services being offered under dentistry.  Due to these misconceptions, some people avoid seeing the dentist and undergoing a particular procedure without even knowing everything about it. As a result, their oral wellness is more likely to suffer the consequences in the long run.

One example of a misunderstood dental procedure is a root canal. Recommendations from a dentist can send shivers down the spine of most patients. And sometimes, instead of giving it a go, patients would choose to take matters into their own hands by taking over the counter medications to manage pain. However, at Plantation Dental, we discourage this practice since doing so can only make matters worse. Although store-bought medicines provide relief, effects are short-lived. For everyone to know why a root canal is vital for the maintenance of oral health, here are some facts about the procedure.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is not as painful as most people think

Most people think of the root canal as one of the most painful procedures performed by dentists. What everyone should understand is, it aims to relieve pain and not cause it. Plus, before performing the procedure, means to make the patient feel more comfortable will be provided like the use of local anesthetics. At our practice, we can even offer sedation options like laughing gas and oral sedation for a better, more pleasant experience.

The procedure protects the teeth

Aside from clearing out the spreading infection, a root canal treatment can restore the natural functions of the teeth as well. After the process, the patient may opt by getting a filling or a dental crown. Once placed, patients will be able to use the treated structure regularly without any worries about breaking.

Pain that disappears? Don’t be deceived

Infection that spreads to the pulp can be painful because of the blood vessels and nerves. If the pain subsides, this does not mean that the patient is already free from the problem. It can actually imply that the condition is starting to worsen and that the best time to act is now!

It is best to consider a root canal instead of tooth extraction

If a tooth becomes infected, the other alternative people have aside from root canal is tooth extraction. Think that having the problem tooth removed is the better option? Think again! Apart from extraction, patients should then consider a dental restoration to prevent the teeth from shifting and even crowding.

Patients who are advised to undergo the procedure should understand that our dental professional delivers more than just effective oral care, we aim to do so in a more relaxed approach.

What are you waiting for? Do not let your fear stop you from getting the best oral health possible! Avail of our Root Canal Treatment in Plantation, FL to prevent the infection from spreading and causing more problems. Call or visit us at Plantation Dental.