Keeping A Child’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

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Healthy teeth make a happy smile. This is not only true for adults but also for children. Keeping a child’s teeth healthy and cavity-free saves them from nasty toothaches, chewing difficulties, embarrassment from smiling, and future dental problems. Early measures are essential when it comes to keeping a child’s teeth healthy. Evaluation by a dentist is highly recommended because this can spot early forms of irregularities and dental problems. Here at Plantation Dental, our team of dental professionals takes certain measures and steps in order to retain your child’s gleeful and bright smile. 

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A few tips to keep a child’s teeth healthy

  • Sweetened beverages such as fizzy drinks and soft drinks are not suitable for a child’s health. These drinks are culprits for tooth decay, especially when consumed on a daily basis. The same goes for candies, chocolates, and sugary treats that children love to have. Sugary foods do not necessarily need to be cut off from their diet. Occasionally giving them as desserts during meal times will not hurt. Remember, moderation is key. 
  • Let the child enjoy brushing their teeth by incorporating fun and excitement. Let them pick out a toothbrush that they like. There are available toothbrushes with cartoons and superhero designs. Toothpaste tubes also have these fun and adorable designs, specially catered for the likes of children. Before buying, check if the size of the toothbrush and see if it is right for the child’s mouth. 
  • Consider getting dental sealants for the child. A sealant is a thin plastic material that coats the rough surfaces of the teeth. Due to this, plaque and food particles will be easily cleaned and lessens the possibility of having them trapped and stuck along the nooks and crannies of the teeth. Getting dental sealants for a child’s teeth will give them extra protection from tooth decay.  
  • Ask the child’s dentist for a fluoride treatment. This is a fast and non-complex treatment that only involves coating a child’s teeth with a thin layer of fluoride. Just like sealants, fluoride treatment is especially useful for tooth decay protection. 

Take action now and provide maximum protection for your child’s dental health. Let Plantation Dental offer you our services in Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation, FL. We are equipped with the best staff to provide quality services for your kids! Find us at 8142 W Broward Blvd., Plantation, FL 33324.