Some “Old Wives’ Tale” About Your Not-So-White Teeth in Plantation, FL

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If you are given a chance to choose between a very bright smile and yellow-looking teeth—surely, you will not be interested in the latter option. Almost every individual who is born with not-so-white teeth wishes to have a flawless looking smile like anyone in the red carpet. Teeth yellowing, however, is typical. Yet, many are still curious about why this condition affects them. Some people believe that a dull smile is a product of poor oral hygiene while others think of yellow teeth as unhealthy. But are these true? Find out below as we at Plantation Dental unveil the common misconceptions about it.

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Teeth Yellowing Myths

Not using straws when drinking makes the teeth appear yellow

When drinking something colorful like soda or pineapple juice, get a straw and sip the liquid using it. This way, you will allow the beverage to bypass your precious pearly whites—a wrong theory! Did you know that despite the use of straws, juices or soft drinks will still waggle inside your mouth before you get to swallow them? The idea of using something to protect your teeth against stains is good, but unfortunately, a straw cannot totally safeguard your smile from discolorations. So basically, using the said drinking equipment is not a sure way to prevent teeth yellowing.

It is not normal to have yellow teeth

No, your friends are not lazy to practice the right oral hygiene—they didn’t even wish to have an undesirable-looking smile. The reason behind the yellow tone of the teeth is the dentin (one of the major components of teeth). If the enamel is thin, dentin tends to show more, which in turn gives off a darkish hue to the teeth. With that being said, it is possible for people to own a yellowish smile the moment their teeth emerged.

You are born with a yellow smile so you will die with a yellow smile as well

With today’s dentistry, your smile shade can transform from yellow to white! Those who are unhappy with the look of their pearly whites are free to choose between the two options that we have at Plantation Dental. We offer veneers and professional teeth whitening. If you want to get rid of the extrinsic stains from your teeth, the latter treatment is best for you. However, veneers are more long-lasting than teeth whitening. They are thin, tooth-like prostheses placed on top of the discolored teeth, with shapes and textures like the real teeth.

It’s time to say goodbye to teeth yellowing! Our Cosmetic Dentistry services in Plantation, FL is waving at you. Visit us at Plantation Dental now. We are located at 8142 W Broward Blvd., Plantation, FL 33324.