Tips to Help Keep Your Invisalign Aligners in Great Shape – Plantation, FL

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Invisalign is one of the most in-demand solutions to malocclusions, overcrowding, and other teeth alignment concerns. Instead of using metal brackets and wires, this orthodontic alternative utilizes clear thermoplastic materials that are molded as trays. Thanks to this approach, more and more people who did not think of traditional braces as favorable can have their teeth straightened.


Differences between metal braces and Invisalign

  • They are not bonded on the teeth so they can be removed at any time
  • To get the best results patients are advised to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day
  • Monthly visits are no longer required; instead, trays are replaced every week or so. The schedule would depend on the condition of the patient’s teeth.
  • Trays are provided beforehand, so to avoid discomfort and delays, the schedule, as well as the sequence, should be strictly followed
  • There are no food restrictions since the trays should be removed when eating
  • Cleaning is not a hassle as regular hygiene techniques would suffice for maintenance

Aside from following the instructions given by the dentist, it is also imperative for Invisalign wearers to keep the appliance in excellent shape. With that said, here are some tips we at Plantation Dental prepared to help our patients get the smile they have always wanted.

Tips to Keep the Aligners in Top Shape

Do not eat or drink with the aligners on

Aside from the fact that Invisalign trays are not designed to withstand chewing forces, they are also vulnerable to stains. To maintain their virtually invisible appearance, it is best to only drink water with them on.

Avoid the use of toothpaste

Despite being effective in cleaning the teeth, toothpaste has abrasive properties that can harm the oral appliance. It can cause scratches to form on the surface, leaving the appearance of the aligner compromised.

Hot water is a no-no

Whether for rinsing or soaking, using hot water is not a good idea for a device made of thermoplastic since it can cause the aligner to deform beyond wear.

No to colored and scented soaps

Although soaps are advised rather than toothpaste, do know that using just any product can cause the aligners to stain or even have a residual taste. Using a gentle and clear soap would be best.

Do not leave them exposed

It is best to never leave the Invisalign trays out in the open for it can cause bacteria to accumulate. What is best is to store the aligners on the case provided. Rinsing the Invisalign tray before wearing and after removing it is a best practice.

With all these tips, patients are assured of securing the condition of their trays to avoid any delay with their journey to straighter, healthier teeth.

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