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Get brighter and whiter teeth. Show off a smile that will make people say “wow.”

Teeth Whitening in Plantation

People notice when you have a beautiful smile. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to achieve this is with professional teeth whitening from Plantation Dental.

Getting your teeth whitened professionally yields the best results - up to eight shades brighter with just one treatment! We are proud to offer our patients the Opalescence brand and the LumiBrite brand whitening formulas.

Opalescence Whitening

Opalescence can give you the stunning, white, bright smile you've always wanted. A 40% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel, Opalescence Boost whitening offers brighter, whiter teeth after just about one hour in the dental chair.

Lumibrite Whitening

Lumibrite Whitening is a teeth whitening option that is safe, effective and produces beautiful whitening results in as little as 30 minutes of treatment time.

Formulated with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, this system can be used with or without a light. When used with the Sapphire Supreme Light, the system is proven to produce greater whitening effects.

Lumibrite uses a desensitizer and a unique whitening gel to reduce the chair time. With fluoride as an added benefit, teeth get extra protection.

Keep your new smile bright by keeping up with a good at-home dental routine. Avoid the foods that cause staining and don’t smoke.

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Cassie P.

The entire staff here is great! Friendly, helpful, and most importantly they are good at what they do. I get my regular cleanings here and have also had a wisdom tooth extracted. The Doctor made sure I was totally numb and I had no pain during the procedure. The staff followed up with me and made sure all my questions were answered. Great practice.

Shannon A.

I absolutely love coming to my appointments! The staff is friendly and super helpful. I never have any problems scheduling appointments. The hygienists are always giving me helpful tips about hygiene. I actually look forward to my appointments and I definitely recommend Plantation Dental to anyone who is looking for a great dentist office.

Jesse K.

Fantastic dentist the Dentist here is a miracle worker. I've never felt any shot he has done and every procedure is painless. Just had a skittle size amount of my gums removed with no gas and didn't feel a thing!
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